Be Kind

The furthest I have ever been was Paris, France. I went there because my favorite, and probably all time greatest symphonic metal group ever was playing a show there. Epica at L’Olympia. I didn’t understand how symbolic of a show this was for them, however. When standing in line to meet the band a local told me that it was sort of right of passage for them to be performing there. It was a symbol of how they “made it” in the rock industry. 

I was in Paris for 5 days, and the concert was only a few hours. I didn’t have anything planned out, and that is how I wanted it. I wanted to feel what it was like to live there. Five days really isn’t long enough, but I still wanted to try. I had a few short conversations, and walked a lot of streets. I took there public transit everywhere it could take me. From there I was tempted to get on a train to Germany, but decided it would have to wait another time. The Eiffel tower is truly amazing. 

I remember thinking on the way home “That was fun, but I don’t want to do it again for a while.” It wore me out, and in the end I found out more about myself from that experence than anything. I was so busy trying to make the most of the trip that I didn’t really get to know anyone. I come to find myself thinking that while I had absorbed every bit of physical information that I could, I didn’t really try to connect and speak with anyone to see what would happen.  I had missed the point entirely and learned a valuable lesson. This world has more to do with the people that exist within it than the chaos that exists out of it.  Be kind to each other. 

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