Amateur Radio Health

This page shows the current health of Amateur Radio as it relates to active licenses. After being out of the hobby for a number of years I wanted to get back into it. I found that there were an overwhelming number of comments leading me to the conclusion that our beloved radio hobby was in trouble. I Scoured the FCC Database and I actually found good news. There are now more members than ever before, the ratio of new members to license cancellations (due to expire dates mostly) was 1.4:1. So you could say for every cancellation we have almost 1 and a half new licenses to replace that with. Refer to the chart below:

The Green Line is the number of licenses issued, the red line is number of license canceled, and the blue line is a result how many active license there are. Notice how the blue line and red line interact. As long as the blue line is on top, the further away from the red line the better; we’re gaining more ham’s than we’re loosing. We have a problem when they touch or if the blue line is under the red line; we’re loosing more hams than we’re replacing. Looks to me like the 2008 crash had a little effect here too. Also This is just my initial findings. I have plans to better expand on and automate this information so it is always as accurate as possible.